ZOOM Cloud Meetings App Reviews

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UI in Chinese by default?

Just installed it. After the Calendar access prompt, it switches to Chinese and I couldnt find an option to put it back in English. I am located in France.

Cant host a meeting on the ipad

This option is not working. Make it work and Ill give you 4 stars, allow me to control a remote session and you will get 5.

Best video conference app

I used FaceTime and Skype, but they dont allow several people at once, and more than often with me FaceTime connection doesnt work anyway. This app is fast, works very well and all you need to use it is a google email.


I cant use the app because I only see asian signs and no option to change the language :-(

Low sound volumne

Sound is very low, otherwise very good.


get to see my family and friends, from literally all over the world. dont use Skype anymore. just send them the link, and were on !!!


I was looking for a way to meet more than 2 people at the same time, which so far it is not possible on face time. This is a very good way. You can make a conference with other users, see them (the person who does the talking displays full face, and moves as soon as someone else responds), you can send files, pictures, and even record the meeting. The deal is a bit expensive but the free basic membership allows you to 40 min free each time. Not bad! (I agree with someones comment, Skype is bad this is way better). BUT it is still complicated to some users. You need to send a code to people to invite, it does not "ring" like a call using FaceTime or Skype, so it can be a bit tricky. I hope they improve this app and make it simpler.

Sorry but its a big thumbs down from me

Set up....with. 1) extremely fast Internet connection - by attendees. 2) only one other attendee invited. Results; Ease of use: acceptable - dont need to be a rocket scientist to configure and operate. Picture: very pixelated, frequently froze and was very jerky Sound: extremely poor, synchronization way out and huge delays. Conclusion: The designers / providers of this APP have a L O N G way to go before I would consider this as a useable tool. The test with one attendee was abysmal - With more attendees I am confident it would be a whole lot worse. Not recommended at this time... Will Stick to Face-Time or Skype for now. Sorry guys :-((

Replaces all other screenshare and video conf apps

In my world this is now the de facto standard for all of online communication and collaboration. Replaces GoToMeeting for me.

App shares contact details with strangers

As soon as I signed up a number of perfect strangers were listed in my zoom contact list. Zoom support told me these people share my same domain name: bell.net. This is a huge privacy concern, as Bell Canada has millions of customers with the bell.net domain. Check you contact lists for zoom lurkers! It is a bug.

Brilliant concept

We use this app a lot in our business and it is very helpful. Its easy enough to use, most of the time. Ive had instances where my settings changed and I couldnt get the audio from the meeting, nor mute my line. I find the wording in the settings menus confusing (dial up or something along those lines). There is also a substantial lag, which is awful. If nothing else, please fix this.

Love it!

This is the best app I have ever come across in order for me to be able to converse with more than one person at the same time. Plus has major bonuses like sharing my screen, pausing audio/video and so much more. I have nothing but praise since this was what I turned to when Skype and Google Hangouts failed for me.

Zoom is cool!

I like it but the best of the picture better than another.

Excellent !

Great product and so much functions ! Real teleconference. Great cross platform solution.


Great way to get connected with friends and work meeting

Great app.

Ive been using Zoom for quite awhile mostly for taking online English classes and I must say that the quality of both video and audio is much better than Skype can provide. I also like an in-app call and video recorder in a desktop version. Keep up the great job!

Requires enabling work in background

Doesnt work without enabling work in background.


Good video and audio conferences! I drop the skype and use it.


Very useful

Film Funding Club

Jesus this is an amazing app. I support thousands of entertainment industry pros through face to face and online events. Zoom is shockingly, brilliantly, elegant in hosting both meetings an webinars. Its just been effortless for they attendees and incredibly powerful for me. I started using it to run and record meetings for up to 50, then bumped up to run webinars for up to a hundred. There is no better solution, I have tried them ALL. Well done, Zoom People and thank you :)

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